The secret of your own heart you can never know;
but you can know Him who knows its secret.
-George MacDonald

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knitting a Banner of Love

Little by little, step by step, I am learning to knit. After discovering how to knit 2 together and decrease the size of my project...I made these triangles for a sweet little Valentine's banner. The project begins by casting on 20 stitches...knit every row...decrease every other row by knitting two stitches together on each end until only one stitch is left. I cut out felt hearts using pinking shears. Next I embroidered each heart with a simple running stitch and sewed them to the knit triangles. The banner cord is a knitted i-cord. I learned how to knit the triangles and i-cord with the help of a children's knitting book called Kid's Knit. You can find it here:

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