The secret of your own heart you can never know;
but you can know Him who knows its secret.
-George MacDonald

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Days

A couple of New Years ago, while looking at half priced calendars, I discovered a square blocked calendar that offered kirigami patterns. You know the kind? Each day is on a square page, you view the page for the day, then throw it away. This calendar, you view the page and cut the design, then throw it away...or not. The patterns are really pretty. Kirigami is a Japanese tradition of paper folding and then cutting to make various designs. Kind of like an expanded origami.I bought the calendar. At first it seemed too hard. I put the calendar away. Recently I bought some smaller and sharper scissors. Now, especially with all the snow days we've had, I just can't stop cutting. I plan to fill up my windows. There are kirigami books in the library and patterns on line...Or there may be some Kirigami Calendars left for more than half price. Try Borders Bookstore or Books A Million. You might get hooked, like me.

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