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-George MacDonald

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Using a Variety of Stamps for Christmas Greetings

Wow! What a snowy weekend we had here in West Virginia. Fortunately I just got my Christmas greetings in the mail before the snow and power outages began. We lost power but not for too long for which I am thankful. Last year and this year instead of sending traditional cards, I sent postcards. Last year, so many people asked how I made them that I decided to blog about it. You can see the tutorial under my February 2, 2008 post. Postcards are so quick and easy to write on once made. Postage is also a little cheaper which helps around this holiday season. In previous posts this December I have talked about using various stamps to create different designs and backgrounds on paper.
A couple of weeks ago, I showed how you can make this snowy design on paper. Kind of fitting for this weekend. Well, what if this paper became the background for your postcard? I took this paper, scanned it into my computer and printed out 4"by 6" copies. The basic size for a postcard.
I wrote about how I made this design a week ago using one stamp and an inchie punch.

What if you took this one stamp again and instead of using green and red ink you used blue and silver? Use your inchie punch, add a navy blue backgound. and create the same kind of design.
Then take that inchie cut design and adhere it to your snowy background. It looks really pretty just like this but I wanted to add one more thing for the message I wanted to say.

I decided to use two different stamps. A compass rose and a celtic cross. I stamped and embossed them using opaque white powder on black cardstock. I wanted a different kind of cross that showed direction. I cut out the stamped designs, then trimmed more, glued, and came up with this:
Using raised glue dots I adhered this cross over the previous snowy image, inchie design and scanned it into the computer. I saved this image and had to do one more thing... It needed words.

Finding just the write thing to say took some time. I finally found an old medieval saying in a quotation's book. Using photo editing software, and playing around a bit, I added the quote onto my scanned image. I then printed out 4" by 6" copies of this design. I sprayed a fine mist of fixative on each card and glittered the cross just to add a bit of sparkle. Lastly I used a glue stick to adhere a basic "postcard" design to the back. Add your greeting, address and stamp and you're ready to mail.

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Cool !!!
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You are so good in collaging those different images.